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Can you find a driving licence number by name in Australia?

To find the driver’s licence details of a person in Australia you need two things – (1) the person’s date of birth, and (2) their driver’s licence number.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and only have the other driver’s name and perhaps date of birth, then you may feel you need to know more about the person.

You don’t.

This is all the information you need, and official bodies will be responsible for the rest. No matter who was at fault, the other party has a right to privacy, which is why you cannot find their drivers licence number using their name, or name and date of birth.

Reasons you may want to find a driving licence number by name

Your reasons for requiring another person’s driving licence number may be genuine, so to help understand why you cannot find a drivers licence number by name in Australia, consider the following:

Identity theft

Criminals may try to collect personal information, including driver’s license numbers, to commit identity theft. With this information, they can open fraudulent bank accounts, make unauthorised purchases, or engage in other criminal activities using the person’s identity.

Harassment or stalking

In cases of harassment or stalking, an individual might try to gather personal information about someone, including their driver’s license number, to intimidate or threaten them.

Fraudulent activities

Some individuals with malicious intentions may seek driver’s license numbers to engage in fraudulent activities, such as applying for loans, credit cards, or benefits in the victim’s name.

Unauthorised access

Some people might attempt to access restricted areas or gain unauthorized privileges by impersonating someone else using their driver’s license number.

With the above reasons alone, and a person’s right to privacy, it is easy to understand why you cannot find a driving licence number by name, or name and DOB, in Australia, or most parts of the world.

After all, you wouldn’t want people you don’t know to have access to your personal driving licence details, would you?

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