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Are under car neon lights legal in Australia?

Are under car neons legal in Australia?

Whether you love them, hate them, or simply love the Need for Speed games, under car neons are a nice or rice addition to your ride. But are they legal in Australia?

Neon lights on cars in Australia are generally subject to regulations and restrictions that vary by state and territory, but are also a glowing beacon (literally) to attract bored cops – and even if they don’t pull you up on your neon lights, they may make an issue of your other car mods.

Understanding car modification laws in your state

Generally under car neon lights are legal in Australia, although you’ll run into issues using colours such as blue or red which make your car look like an emergency vehicle.

With any car mods it’s important to understand your local car modification laws, and note regulations can and do change over time. That means a modification which is legal today, might not be legal next week. It’s therefore advisable to check with your local road authority or transport department for the most up-to-date information.

The legalities around under car neon lights

In many parts of Australia, neon lights or other aftermarket lighting modifications are restricted or prohibited when it comes to safety or visibility reasons. When it comes to under car neon lights some Australian states can be stricter than others (cough, VIC, cough).

If your neon lights don’t infringe on the restrictions in place within your state, you will generally be fine to enjoy your lit up ride.

As examples, common restrictions may include:

Colour Restrictions

Most Australian states restrict the colours of neon lights you can use, internally or externally, and even underneath your car. Red and blue lights, for example, are often reserved for emergency vehicles. Do yourself a favour, and don’t be silly enough to fit flashing blue neons – you’re asking for trouble.

Placement and Brightness

There are typically rules about where and how neon lights can be placed on your car. Excessive brightness can be a concern because it can distract other drivers, leading to accidents and road safety issues. You probably know already incorrect alignment of your headlights can lead to an infringement or trip over the pits, which means excessive neons can cause similar issues.

Use While Driving

In most cases it’s illegal to have neon lights or other distracting lighting in use while driving on public roads. The laws and regulations with neon lights are hazy, which means loop holes. Loop holes can work in your favour, or they can work in the favour of your friendly neighbourhood police patrol.

Flashing or Strobing Lights

Flashing or strobing lights are a bad idea on vehicles which are not emergency vehicles, and usually prohibited. You can still fit flashing or strobing lights to your car, but don’t turn them on unless you’re at a car show or in the privacy of your garage-come-disco.

Final thoughts on the legalities of under car neon lights in Australia

I expect if you’re reading this you are considering or already have under car neon lights fitted to your car. If so, please add pictures of your lit-up ride to the comments section below, and let us know if you’ve had any legal issues or “random” police checks while out and about.

Please don’t take this guide to under car neon legalities as read. It’s important to check the specific regulations in your state or territory to understand what is allowed and what isn’t. If you don’t do that, please don’t complain to us if you get pulled over.

In some cases, modifications may be permitted for show or exhibition purposes but may not be allowed for regular on-road use, so use common sense.

Keep in mind that vehicle standards and regulations can change, so it’s important to stay informed about the current rules in your area.

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  1. i have under glow lights of yellow color and lights in the tyres two of white colours is that iilegal ??

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