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Electric Car Conversion Kits in Australia

Electric Car Conversion Kits in Australia

You’re tired of the raspy sound of your air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle, or the engine on your Land Rover went pop a few years ago and it’s collecting spiders in the back yard.

Maybe you just want to save the planet?

Whatever the reason, fitting an electric car conversion kit to your ageing ride will not only bring it into Twenty Twenty Three, but make it an entirely different, unique beast.

In Australia we have a few companies offering electric car conversion kits. Some specifically for given models, and others made to order.

Let’s take a look at electric car conversion kits in Australia:

Why you should convert your old car to electric

Let’s start with a video to get this ball rolling.

This video from Electric Classic Cars (in the UK) shows you the process of converting a VW Beetle to electric using our bolt-in conversion kit, in only one day.

The electric motor used is a Hyper9 producing 120hp, a 25 kWh Tesla battery and 6.6kW charger. This gives the old Beetle an 80 to 90 mile range (130km to 145km). Disc brakes are also fitted to the front for necessary stopping power for what becomes a very quick VW Beetle.

The benefits of fitting an electric car conversion kit

You’re probably almost convinced already, but when you realise an electric car conversion kit can cost upwards of 20 big ones, you may be a little deterred.

But don’t worry, as fitting an electric car conversion kit to your old car can have the following benefits:

  1. Environmental Benefits – Converting an old gas-powered car to electric reduces carbon emissions and contributes to a cleaner environment. Electric vehicles (EVs) produce zero tailpipe emissions, therefore reducing air pollution and making you feel like a planet-saving super hero.
  2. Cost Savings – Ignore the initial outgoings of an electric car conversion kit, because once it’s done you’ll feel liberated from fuel burdens, rising fuel costs, and smelly servos frequented by commoners. Electricity is often cheaper than gasoline, especially if you have solar panels, and as electric vehicles have fewer moving parts you’ll also benefit from lower maintenance costs.
  3. Sustainability – Converting an old car to electric will extend its lifespan and give it a fresh lease of life. It also saves you replacing sticky old alternators after they leave you stuck in the IKEA carpark waiting for the RAC for 5 hours.
  4. Performance Improvement – Electric motors are FAST, with instant torque. Imagine your neighbours watching your Toyota Corolla take off down the street like Concorde on wheels. Most owners who convert their car to electric are highly impressed by the performance gains compared to the original gasoline-powered configuration.
  5. Personalisation – Converting an old car to electric allows you to build it to your liking. You can choose the battery capacity, range, and other features to suit your specific needs, meaning you can build a cost-efficient commuter to a rocket ship.
  6. Longevity – When electric vehicles first hit the roads people were concerned about ongoing costs, but not so much these days. Electric cars tend to have longer lifespans because modern electric motors are durable with fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines.
  7. Regulatory Compliance – In some states of Australia there are restrictions on older, heavily polluting vehicles. Converting your old car to electric can help it comply with emissions regulations, allowing you to continue using it legally.
  8. Unique Projects – Converting a classic or vintage car to electric can be a unique and satisfying project for any classic car lover. You’ll have the aesthetics of a classic car with modern electric technology – what a fantastic combination.
  9. Energy Independence – By converting your old car to electric you become less reliant on fossil fuels. If you can generate electricity from renewable sources, such as solar panels or your own personal wind farm, then your costs of taking the car for a spin are next to nil.

The gotchas of converting your car to electric

Converting a car to electric isn’t a simple DIY project.

It’s highly rewarding, and fantastic in the long run, but keep in mind it can be expensive and time consuming undertaking such a project.

If you can find a company who makes an electric car conversion kit for you specific vehicle then you’re onto a winner, but otherwise you’ll need to work with the company to create the kit to work for your car.

Undertaking an electric conversion yourself requires some expertise in automotive mechanics and electrical systems, plus access to necessary equipment and components. Additionally, the feasibility of a conversion depends on your specific vehicle and its design.

Before converting your car to electric we recommend you carry out thorough research – yes, Google and YouTube help in this respect. Consider the costs and benefits, and make sure you have the technical skills or professional assistance you need to complete the conversion successfully.

Available electric car conversion kits in Australia

Unique EVS in Bibra Lake, Perth, Western Australia offer a full EV Conversion Kit for $42,500 AUD at the time of writing for Land Rover and Volkswagen Applications. This includes all parts – motor, mounts, differentials, control boards, battery packs, electrical circuits, and a necessary engineering report. View their website.

Electric Car Conversion Kits in Australia
VW Bug electric car conversion kit

Australian Electric Vehicle Services (AUS EVS) offer kits for a variety of vehicles including Porsche 911, Toyota FJ40, Volkswagen Beetles, Kombis, and more. The trouble is, whether you visit their Website or Facebook page, they’re not very good at telling you where the f*ck they are in Australia – successful business 101.

Evolution Australia in Melbourne offer electric conversion kits for Land Rover Defenders, Volkswagen, and Audi applications, but at the time of writing it is necessary to contact them for availability. View their website.

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