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SOS? Tyre shops open on a Sunday, near you!

Tyre Shops Open Sunday in Australia

Needing an urgent tyre repair or replacement is bad enough. On a Sunday it’s much more stressful.

But don’t worry!

Below are recommendations for tyre shops open on a Sunday, both national and local. If you’re desperate for an urgent repair, skip to those sections now.

However, keep in mind you may pay more for your tyre repair or replacement, and it may be more than one tyre you need to replace. If you want to replace your tyres cost-effectively, then a better option might be an online tyre retailer like Tyroola who ship a good set of tyres for a great price to a tyre fitter near you – likely an independent tyre fitter who will change your tyres on your driveway.

National tyre shops open on a Sunday (Mobile tyre fitters)

Mobile Tyre Shop (National)

Mobile Tyre Shop - Open Sunday

Mobile Tyre Shop are for most Australians the go to *rescue service* when they need a tyre shop on a Sunday. The company has been around over a decade and has built up a fleet of vehicles Australia wide who can come to you and sort our your tyre woes (and battery woes as well).

Mobile Tyre Shop are available in the following areas, hopefully near you:

  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Wollongong
  • Sunshine Coast

If you’re in one of those areas, head over to the Mobile Tyre Shop website, select your tyres, book a time, and they’ll come to you.

Jim’s Mobile Tyres (National)

Jims Mobile Tyres Australia Open Sundays

It doesn’t matter where you grew up in Australia, you’ve probably heard of Jim’s. At least Jim’s Mowing.

Jim Penman kicked off the brand back in 1982, himself mowing lawns for many years before the brand grew and grew.

Jim’s Mobile Tyres are a more recent addition to the Jim’s Group franchise style of business, and can be found all over Australia:

  • Darwin
  • Sydney
  • Hobart
  • Maitland & Newcastle
  • Melbourne
  • Penrith
  • Perth
  • Wollongong

Best of all, Jim’s Mobile Tyres mostly offer tyre repair and replacement services on a Sunday, and they’ll come to you.

If Jim’s is your man, jump over to Jim’s Mobile Tyres website. All service areas can be found here.

Road Runner Mobile Tyres (Melbourne & Sydney)

Road Runner Mobile Tyres - Open Sunday

Road Runner Mobile Tyres only service areas of Melbourne and Sydney, but they’re worth checking out if you’re in those regions. Customer feedback for Road Runner Mobile Services in both locations is very good, averaging 4.7 out of 5 on Google.

To see if Road Runner Mobile Tyres service your area, simply type in your postcode on their website.

Stuck at home with a flat tyre?

Choose a local independent tyre fitter with tyres from Tyroola

If you have a flat tyre on a Sunday, but have the option of spending the day carless (remember those things called buses? Or those other things called legs?), then an online tyre retailer like Tyroola is a great option for getting a really good deal or discount.

Tyroola allow you to find the best tyre for you and your vehicle, whether budget or premium, and they’ll the tyres to a tyre fitter near you – likely in the very same suburb you live in. Many of those independent tyre fitters will happily rock up at your door and change your tyres on the driveway – problem solved.

In our study of finding a real discount on tyres we used Tyroola as an example of saving over 300 bucks on a set of tyres for a regular Honda Civic, so if you can wait a day then you’ll have enough money left over for AFL tix.

Visit the Tyroola website for more info.

Can you recommend a local tyre shop open on Sundays?

Australia is a big place, with many independent tyre shops and fitters ready and willing to change your tyres on a Sunday (and take your money).

If you can recommend a reputable tyre shop or fitter near you, well that’s what the comments section below is for!

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