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What tyres are Australian Made?

If you’re wondering what tyres are Australian made, then I’m sorry to disappoint. As of 2024, no tyre brands are manufactured in Australia.

Economic pressures and logistics mean an Australian tyre manufacturer would not be able to compete. In short, an Australian tyre manufacturer would quickly go bust. As much as we like to buy Australian brands, most Australians are not willing to spend much more for a locally produced product. Tyres included.

However, although few and far between, we do have Australian tyre companies who have tyres produced in various overseas locations. Although you’re not buying an Australian made tyre, you would still be supporting an Australian business.

Let’s take a look…

Australian tyre manufacturing companies

Monsta Tyres

If you’re looking for an Australian brand of off-road 4X4 tyres, then check out Monsta Tyres. For regular car tyres you can take a look at Ozzy Tyres, but as a tyre retailer you will find numerous brands of car tyre.

Both companies are owned by Hussein Chahine. As a tyre retailer, Ozzy Tyres has been online since the turn of the century.

The Monsta Tyres brand has been around since 2020, and offers various 4X4 tyres for rugged terrain, all terrain, and mud terrain. For street cars, you will also find the addition of the street series (ultra high performance) and semi slick (for extreme cornering and hooning).

Australian tyre retailers

Even if we can’t buy tyres manufactured in Australia, we still have a range of Australian tyre retailers both online and names like Bob Jane T-Mart.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Australian tyre retailers online, offering you transparency, great deals, and the choice of a range of local independent Aussie tyre fitters in your suburb (some even come to your house and change your tyres on your driveway).


Tyroola are a leading online tyre retailer in Australia, stocking over 3 million tyres in Australia. They’re an Australian company, but also sell tyres in New Zealand as well.

For many Aussies they’re the go to online retailer, offering really good deals on all types of tyres – road or off-road – budget, mid-range, and premium tyre brands.

We used Tyroola in our guide to saving a whopping $352 when buying tyres onlinefor a regular Honda Civic! So if you’re buying tyres, make sure you read that guide!


Tyrepower has been around for nearly half a century if you can believe that. If this guide to tyres in Australia sticks around just a few years, then Tyrepower will be at the 50 year mark. Not bad for an Aussie company!

Tyrepower originated in 1977 when a group of 10 independent tyre retailers clubbed together to offer us consumers a better range of tyres, flexibility, and better prices passed on through the power of bulk buys from tyre manufacturers.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with Tyrepower as an Australian tyre retailer. They’re pretty much all over Australia after all, even in backwater towns like Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, and even Darwin.

So that’s it folks.

Although we can’t invest in Australian Made tyres, we can still invest in Australian homegrown companies.

Our preference remains as Tyroola, not only because good deals are to be had, but because it allows us to support true local Australian small businesses – our local independent tyre fitters. The guys who go to the same pubs as us, who would likely be our mates.

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