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How to choose a good driving instructor

Choosing a good driving instructor is essential, and don’t assume any will be good enough. There are a lot of ineffective driving instructors out there, or instructors who you simply don’t gel with – such is life.

In this article we will cover what you need to do to find a really good driving instructor who will get you up to speed both quickly and cheaply. After all, you don’t want to waste your money (or your parent’s money) on unnecessary and unproductive driving lessons!

Here are great things to consider which will help you choose the best driving instructor:

Word of mouth

It’s very likely your friends and classmates are learning to drive, so ask them questions!

Word of mouth and real feedback is your best way to find a good driving instructor. If you search online in your local area can you trust the reviews? Who are the people writing the reviews, and did they write them because they were offered a discount on their driving lessons? Quite often, businesses write their own reviews or pay someone to do it for them.

Ask your friends what they find good about their driving instructor, or what complications they have faced while driving. Asking as many questions as possible will help you find a driving instructor who you is not only good, but someone you feel comfortable with.


I mentioned how online reviews can be skewed, but they’re still an important part of finding a good driving instructor. Google reviews are a great place to start, but you can check other websites such as Trustpilot and Yelp as well.

Asking on a local social media group can offer good recommendations, although be skeptical. I once asked on a social media group for a business recommendation and someone responded recommending a business I knew to be terrible. When I asked why they recommended the business, or if they’d used them, they replied with “No, never used them, but I saw a post on Facebook about them”.

Once you have a shortlist of local driving instructors (or driving schools), get in touch with them and ask them questions. What is there success rate, what cars do they have, what’s their curriculum or courses? You can call or email, and hopefully they can reply with useful information which makes you feel more confident about them.


If you’re looking at a driving school then it’s well worth paying them a visit. Any decent driving school will be happy to show you around, let you talk to instructors, and allow you to ask questions.

Observe how they treat you and how they teach driving, and this will help you figure out whether you want to join the driving school or not.

Check the ratings and experience of driving instructors

While observing their online websites, you must check out the ratings of all the instructors and read about them and their qualifications mentioned on their website.

Don’t forget to check their experience, because the experience of an instructor matters a lot while they teach you driving.

Reputable Driving instructors should have qualification proof on their website, and knowing how qualified a driving instructor is will offer confidence in how good they will be at teaching you.

When it comes to experience, it is imperative to talk to your instructor, who will teach you driving. Ask them about their experiences in different driving schools where they have been working and how many years of experience they have. The experience of a driving instructor is key, and most of the time you will benefit greatly from an experienced instructor.


While you visit a driving school make sure you ask about their curriculum. What will they will be teaching, and what is the duration of any structured driving course?

Will the driving school also take care of the theoretical knowledge for the academic driving test?

Talk to them about all your doubts. Do they reassure you with their answers?

What car(s) do they offer?

An independent driving instructor will likely have only one vehicle available. Does their vehicle suit you? Is it manual or automatic, and which do you prefer?

Whenever you visit the driving school for enquiry see and observe their cards they take while practising with their students. See and watch which car would be perfect for you and ask them if you can choose a vehicle you want to take while learning to drive.

A good driving school should offer both automatic and manual cars.

What area will you learn in?

Ask them about the driving lessons and make us practice for the extra time. On which roads will practice lessons happen and how much time will each session last.

All these practice-related sessions are essential to learning to drive efficiently, and you should ensure they align with what you feel comfortable with.


When you inquire, ask about the different driving courses there and choose the best figure then our introductory driving courses, defence driving courses, advanced driving training, etc. Check out the curriculum, of course, and choose the one which suits your interest.


Check out the driving school’s history from their websites and how many years they pin into existence. Also, check out the founder and CEO of the driving school and check out all the verification details before joining a Driving School.


As you know, today, language is the biggest bad for instructions.

People with different languages and other kinds of accents will find it challenging to cope with the instructions. This is nothing to feel bad about, and shouldn’t affect your ability to learn to drive.

Whether you choose an independent driving instructor or driving school, make sure they’re able to instruct you without any language gaps.

Requesting a particular instructor

Many people are culturally biased and have a conservative and orthodox mindset, so will there be an option to choose an individual male or female instructor according to them.

We all feel more comfortable with some people rather than others, and you should always choose a driving instructor who you are happy with. If a driving school cannot offer this, find somewhere else.

Free pickup and drops

Usually, all the driving schools provide free pick up and drop while the driving lessons are going on, so while enquiry and also ask them about this. This is usually valid for the local areas nearby.

Success Rate

The success rate of driving school is critical after giving a driving test. You should ask past students you know who have learned from the driving instructor – did they pass first time, and if not – why?

Driving Test

Enquire about the driving test as there is a practical driving test as well as a theoretical driving test, cast them if they will be providing the notes for the theory exam and provide the knowledge regarding that so that you kin pass the online theory test easily.

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