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What is the best brand of towing mirrors?

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve toured Australia towing a caravan, and I’ve used a number of brands of towing mirror. But what is the best brand of towing mirrors I hear you ask!

With a hefty RRP it’s worth doing your research first. Or better yet, read on and we’ll cover the research for you. Safety is paramount when towing a caravan, which is why you want a reliable set of towing mirrors.

In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the top brands of towing mirrors available in Australia, including ARB ClearView, MSA, and also the range of towing mirrors found at Bunnings.

The Best Brands of Towing Mirrors

The most popular brands of towing mirrors in Australia are by far ARB – known for being the absolute daddy for Australians like us when it comes to off-road or Australian terrain.

MSA towing mirrors are another popular brand. Let’s discuss both the ARB towing mirrors, branded “ClearView”, and the MSA towing mirrors:

ARB ClearView Towing Mirrors

ARB is a well-known and respected brand in the Australian automotive industry, and you probably know that already.

The ARB ClearView towing mirrors have gained popularity among caravan owners for two reasons – (1) the ARB brand name, and (2) because these towing mirrors are a very robust build with excellent visibility.

These mirrors are designed to provide an extended field of view, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety during towing. They are easy to install (prove us wrong!) and are built by Australians to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

MSA Towing Mirrors

I admit to using ARB ClearViews at the time of writing, but I have previously installed and used a set of the MSA towing mirrors.

MSA are another brand offering reliable towing mirrors, and shouldn’t be discounted. The MSA towing mirrors are durable with a solid build quality.

According to the spiel, these mirrors are designed to be aerodynamic and vibration-resistant, ensuring a clear view of your surroundings while towing. That all sounds useful, doesn’t it?

If you’re not an ARB die hard, and want to save a few bucks, then the MSA mirrors are still a popular choice for experienced Aussie caravan owners, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

SAN HIMA Towing Mirrors at Bunnings

Bunnings seem to sell everything these days, don’t they? Even dog food – not that I’d buy my dog’s food from Bunnings.

Some caravan owners have opted for the SAN HIMA brand of towing mirrors available at Bunnings, simply because they’re more affordable. They also seem somewhat practical.

These SAN HIMA towing mirrors may be a good choice for those on a budget or in need of a quick solution, and although aren’t as robust and flashy as the ARB and MSA towing mirrors, will simply get the job done.

The Safest Mirror for Towing Caravans

The safest mirror to use when towing a caravan is one that provides an extended and unobstructed field of view, and when it comes to Aussie outback roads we also want a mirror which doesn’t vibrate or fall off as soon as a road train thunders past.

Mirrors designed specifically for towing, such as the ARB ClearView and MSA towing mirrors, are often the best choice, but also the most costly.

On that note, if you can afford ARB or MSA, or are a serious caravaner, then they’re the brands for you. Both are engineered to minimise blind spots and offer a clear view of the road and surroundings, and handle Australian terrain and corrugation.

Safety should always be a top priority when towing a caravan, so investing in high-quality, purpose-built towing mirrors is recommended.

If you can’t stump up the funds, SAN HIMA are a better option than no towing mirrors at all.

Do I Need One or Two Towing Mirrors?

The number of towing mirrors you need depends on your caravan, and also your personal preference. Having two towing mirrors obviously offers you more visibility, but also extends the width of your vehicle.

In Australia, the law mandates that you have a clear view to the rear of your caravan. This often necessitates the use of two towing mirrors – so keep that in mind.

Having two mirrors provides a wider field of vision and reduces blind spots, making it safer to navigate while towing. Even if you have a smaller caravan, two mirrors can be advantageous for a more comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Do I Need Special Mirrors to Tow a Caravan?

When towing a caravan, it is advisable to use specialised towing mirrors designed for this purpose.

These mirrors are larger and offer an extended field of view, which is essential for safety. While some caravan owners may make do with regular side mirrors or the more budget friendly towing mirrors found at Bunnings, using mirrors specifically designed for towing is the safest option.

Specialised towing mirrors are more stable and less likely to vibrate, ensuring a clear and steady view while on the road. If you want the best, ARB ClearView towing mirrors are my recommendation.

Final Thoughts About Towing Mirrors

If you’ve had experience with the brands of towing mirrors mentioned in this guide, or other brands, then we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

For Australian caravan owners, choosing the best brand of towing mirrors is crucial for a safe and enjoyable towing experience.

Brands like ARB ClearView and MSA offer high-quality, purpose-built towing mirrors that enhance safety and visibility. While you can find mirrors at Bunnings, it’s recommended to invest in specialised towing mirrors to ensure the highest level of safety.

Whether you need one or two mirrors depends on your caravan size and personal preference, but having two mirrors generally provides a safer towing experience.

Ultimately, prioritise safety and choose the towing mirrors which best suit your needs. These will make your Australian caravan adventures both enjoyable AND safe.

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