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What Size Tyre for Your Rim?

If you want to know what size tyre will fit your rims then the table below will give you the ideal tyre width, and also what you should consider a safe minimum or safe maximum tyre width.

For example, what size tyre for an 8 inch rim would be 215mm to 245mm with an ideal width of between 225mm and 235mm. Fitting a tyre outside of the minimum or maximum widths will compromise safety and drivability.

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REFERENCE: What Size Tyre for Your Rim?

Please note: Fitting the maximum tyre size for rim width should be done with caution and may affect drivability. Exceeding the maximum tyre width will compromise safety.

The recommended tyre size for rim width will achieve optimal safety and drivability.

Rim Width (inches)Minimum Tyre Width (mm)Recommended Tyre Width (mm)Maximum Tyre Width (mm)
5″155165 to 175185
5.5″165175 to 185195
6″175185 to 195205
6.5″185195 to 205215
7″195205 to 215225
7.5″205215 to 225235
8″215225 to 235245
8.5″225235 to 245255
9″235245 to 255265
9.5″245255 to 265275
10″255265 to 275285
10.5″265275 to 285295
11″275285 to 295305
11.5″285295 to 305315
12″295305 to 315325
12.5″305315 to 325335
Table of Ideal Tyre Sizes based on Rim/Wheel Size

Yes, you can stretch the limit if you want style over functionality, but keep in mind you will also sacrifice safety and usability. We advise using a sensible tyre to rim size ratio, ideally the recommended rim width to tyre width stated above.

When it comes to choosing a tyre you should consider performance, safety, and overall driving experience before any fashion or style. Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car which affect safety.

Tyres play a crucial role in keeping traction, handling, and stability on the road. Always monitor the condition of your tyres and replace when necessary.

Whether you’re cruising in a compact car, SUV, ute, or 4×4 beast, make sure you choose the right tyre width for your rim size to maximise your vehicle’s performance and safety on or off the road.

What size tyre for a 5 inch rim?

Minimum 155mm, Ideal 165mm to 175mm, Maximum 185mm.

What size tyre for a 5.5 inch rim?

Minimum 165mm, Ideal 175mm to 185mm, Maximum 195mm.

What size tyre for a 6 inch rim?

Minimum 175mm, Ideal 185mm to 195mm, Maximum 205mm.

What size tyre for a 6.5 inch rim?

Minimum 185mm, Ideal 195mm to 205mm, Maximum 215mm.

What size tyre for a 7 inch rim?

Minimum 195mm, Ideal 205mm to 215mm, Maximum 225mm.

What size tyre for a 7.5 inch rim?

Minimum 205mm, Ideal 215mm to 225mm, Maximum 235mm.

What size tyre for a 8 inch rim?

Minimum 215mm, Ideal 225mm to 235mm, Maximum 245mm.

265mm tyre on an 8 inch rim
Ballooning: 265mm tyre on an 8 inch rim

What size tyre for a 8.5 inch rim?

Minimum 225mm, Ideal 235mm to 245mm, Maximum 255mm.

What size tyre for a 9 inch rim?

Minimum 235mm, Ideal 245mm to 255mm, Maximum 265mm.

What size tyre for a 9.5 inch rim?

Minimum 245mm, Ideal 255mm to 265mm, Maximum 275mm.

What size tyre for a 10 inch rim?

Minimum 255mm, Ideal 265mm to 275mm, Maximum 285mm.

What size tyre for a 10.5 inch rim?

Minimum 265mm, Ideal 275mm to 285mm, Maximum 295mm.

What size tyre for a 11 inch rim?

Minimum 275mm, Ideal 285mm to 295mm, Maximum 305mm.

What size tyre for a 11.5 inch rim?

Minimum 285mm, Ideal 295mm to 305mm, Maximum 315mm.

What size tyre for a 12 inch rim?

Minimum 295mm, Ideal 305mm to 315mm, Maximum 325mm.

What size tyre for a 12.5 inch rim?

Minimum 305mm, Ideal 315mm to 325mm, Maximum 335mm.

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