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Sunraysia Rims: Should You?

Sunraysia Rims

Why are Sunraysia rims so iconic in the Australian 4×4 scene? I’m getting on a bit, yet I can’t remember a time in my life when they were out of fashion.

When I bought my first Land Cruiser (a Troopy of course), I kitted it out with black Sunraysia rims. I confess it was more because they were cheap compared to other wheels, but they definitely looked badass.

White Sunraysia rims on a Land Cruiser Troopy
White Sunraysia rims on a Land Cruiser Troopy

I took that car all over Australia, on all types of terrain. I nearly got bogged going over a salt lake in the middle of f**king nowhere, and forever more think back on that stupid decision wondering how bad that day might’ve been if I did get stuck.

Many years on, on this day, I found myself thinking about Sunraysias. They’re so iconic, yet I realised I literally knew diddly squat about them. So I researched.

Let’s take a look at the iconic Sunraysia rims – an Aussie icon?

Heritage and Roots

The Sunraysia wheel owes its name to the Sunraysia region in northwestern Victoria. Do you know where that is?

No, neither did I, but it’s a short 4 or 5hr drive north west of Melbourne if you fancy a trip.

Sunraysia rims were originally developed back in the 1950s, with one primary goal in mind – to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. I’m sure you can imagine how rough and treacherous country roads were back then? They’re not that great now.

Early Sunraysia Rims with Circular Cut Outs
Early Sunraysia Rims with Circular Cut Outs

Aussie vehicles needed wheels that could withstand the relentless punishment and pounding of unsealed heavily corrugated roads, not to mention rugged off-road terrain.

So there you have it, the birth of the Sunraysia.

The Early Sunraysia

The original Sunraysia Wheel design featured a simple, utilitarian style with circular cutouts.

No, this wasn’t 1950s fashion, the cutouts were crucial in providing ventilation to the brakes. Without those cutouts it wouldn’t take long for brakes to overheat, and brake fade definitely isn’t something you want when a Roo jumps out at you.

The holes made it easy to remove sand, mud, and other debris, and check the condition of the brakes behind.

As Aussies we’ve rarely been flash, so it comes as no surprise the early Sunraysia wheels were designed purely for purpose, not for attracting the chicks.

Perhaps the beauty of Sunraysia rims is they’ve never changed. They look cool, simply because they’re understated, and they do the job.

Becoming an Icon

As more and more 4×4 vehicles and rugged utility trucks began to grace the Australian roads, Sunraysia Wheels found their natural place among rural folk and off-road enthusiasts.

Sunraysia rims - Toyota Hiace 4X4
Sunraysia rims – Toyota Hiace 4X4

The sheer robustness and functionality of Sunraysias make them the go-to choice for farmers, miners, adventurers, and anyone seeking a reliable rim for their utilitarian needs.

Over the decades, Sunraysia rims have evolved in design and material, but their core essence remains untouched. Even the popular Dynamic Sunraysia of today isn’t too far different from the ones of decades past.

You can’t deny they continue to embody the spirit of the Australian outback, and you can’t deny they really are iconic.

Why Such Timeless Appeal?

So, what is it about Sunraysia wheels that make them so popular?

Maybe the answer lies in a combination of factors:


Sunraysia’s are built to last, and built to do the job. They’re tough off road, and designed to cope with country roads. That’s a win for most Aussies who live in rural areas, and a win for 4×4 enthusiasts as well.


It’s not just 4x4s. Sunraysias come in so many sizes and fitments, they’re suitable for utes, trailers, and caravans too. Not many Aussies would fork out for a nice set of OZ Racing rims for their trailer, would they?

Classic Design

The timeless circular cutouts, coupled with their robust build, have given Sunraysia’s such a classic and iconic appearance that never seems to go out of style.


Not only are Sunraysia’s robust, they’re also lighter than other aftermarket wheels. The importance of unsprung weight isn’t considered by most, but it effects the drivability and traction of your car. It takes a heavy wheel longer to return to the tarmac (or dirt) than a light wheel, which means less traction. Not what you want.


Sunraysia’s have always been reasonably priced, and this makes them accessible to many. This is what led me to buy a set for my Land Cruiser, and you can’t deny affordability wins out for many.


As Australians we’re proud of our heritage, and proud to buy Australian products. Sunraysia rims evoke a sense of nostalgia, harking back to those simpler times. They have a deep connection to our vast Australian landscape, because that’s what they were designed exactly for.

Are There Cons of Sunraysia Rims -Steel vs Alloy Rims?

The following video from Ronny Dahl of 4 Wheeling in Western Australia really covers the pros and cons of steel Sunraysia rims vs alloy rims. You may be surprised by the differences, from rust vs corrosion, heat, weight, and bending vs cracking:

Where to Buy Sunraysia Rims?

Literally, anywhere.

You can conclude Sunraysia wheels are more than just a set of rims; they represent an enduring heritage, a symbol of Australian resilience, and a testament to the unyielding spirit of exploration. From their humble beginnings in the Sunraysia region to their unwavering popularity today, these wheels have carved a place in history and hearts alike, reminding us that true legends never fade away.

True, blue, Aussie, rims.

Will they ever go out of fashion?

Add a pic of your Sunraysia’s in the comments ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’ช

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