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Muddy Tyres: For Real Men

Best Mud Terrain Tyres Australia

If you’re looking for the best muddy tyres in Australia then that’s something I can help you with. In this guide I’ll give you pointers based on budget, and let you know how to get the best deal.

I confess to running Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005‘s at the time of writing, and although a little noisy have proven pretty decent off-road and on-road performance is really good too.

Let’s take a look at what I consider the best mud terrain tyres for Australian conditions, whatever your budget.

Stuff to consider when buying mud terrain tyres

If you’re struggling to choose a set of muddies there are five key factors to help you decide:

  • Dry performance
  • Wet performance
  • Durability
  • Noise and comfort
  • And the old chestnut – Price.

Noise is probably your least concern, but if you spend most of your time on-road you’ll find some muddies are much quieter than others.

Wet or dry performance will depend on how much wet sticky mud you want to get yourself into. If you use your 4X4 a lot on the road then dry performance muddies will give you better practicality, fuel economy, and less road noise. Wet muddies will get you anywhere you want to go.

Durability is much better on wet performance muddies. They’re built to be seriously rugged with reinforced sidewalls, and this makes them much more resistant to punctures or damage from hard terrain.

When it comes to budget you’ll find a huge difference in price. In Australia we have the big brands like BFGoodrich and General Tire, more affordable yet still decent Japanese brands like Toyo and Yokohama, and also true blue Aussie brands like Monsta.

Where to get the best prices on mud terrain tyres in Australia?

If you’ve read my other articles you’ll know I’m a big fan of Tyroola, and I recently wrote how I saved $352 for a set of tyres for my Civic daily.

Tyroola are an online Aussie tyre retailer, and buying a set of tyres is as easy as picking what you want and having them sent to a tyre fitter near you. You even get to choose the tyre fitter based on location, price, service, and reviews from other consumers. You can even have them hooked up on your own driveway.

In 2024 it’s a great way of buying tyres for the best possible price.

Best Mud Terrain Tyres in Australia, 2024

Below you will find our best rated muddies of 2024, categorised by Best Aussie, Best Premium, Best All-Rounder, Best for Comfort, and Best Budget.

Keep in mind the tyres listed below are the latest models in 2024. Want to save some money, opt for a previous model.

Best Aussie MT: Monsta Mud Warrior MT

Mud Terrain Tyres - Best Australian - Monsta Mud Warrior MT
Best Aussie Muddy: Monsta Mud Warrior MT

Being an Australian brand has to be a plus. Who knows Aussie off-road conditions better than Australians?

Combine that with a badass name – Monsta Mud Warrior MT – and a really decent price, these have to be the best Aussie muddy on offer?

Reviews have been great for the Monsta brand in general, and when it comes to the Mud Warrior’s a quote which sums them up in true Aussie style is “They stick like shit to a blanket”. With 4.8/5 on ProductReview and shed loads of positive feedback amongst 4X4 communities, why would you not?

Our mate Danny did a lap of Australia on a set of Mud Warriors, and despite being “a tad noisy” got him through endless dirt, corrugation, sand, a few rivers, remote salt lake, and of course a tonne of mud. He got stuck once, but deflating the tyres a little more got him unstuck, and I’m sure down to his terrible skills rather than the muddies.

Aesthetically speaking, the Monsta Mud Warriors look really serious on a Defender or Land Cruiser, particularly wagons and troopys.

Best Premium MT: BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3

Best Premium Muddy: BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3

For serious off-roaders it comes as no surprise a BFGoodrich muddy gets “Best Premium MT”.

Yes, they’re expensive, but BFGoodrich are known across the world to be absolutely best of the best for off-road. In 2024 the BFGoodrich muddy of choice is the Mud Terrain T/A KM3 which already comes with a stack of great consumer reviews.

Not only are these tyres durable and quieter than most brands of muddy, they will get you absolutely anywhere in Australia (other than across the Torres Strait).

If you have the money and want the best, hook up your rig with KM3s and be the envy of your mates. It’s as simple as that, and you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, I did consider General Tire Grabbers. Despite being a very notable muddy, my personal preference (and experience) has to be BFGoodrich.

Best All-Rounder: Yokohama Geolander X-MT Mud Terrain G005

Best of the Rest: Yokohama Geolandar X-MT G005 Muddies

My guess is you didn’t expect to see a Yokohama on a list of the best mud terrain tyres for Australian off-road conditions, but credit where credit is due the Japanese know their stuff when it comes to tyres.

The Geolandar X-MT G005 may leave your mates wondering how serious you are about mud. That is, until you rock up and tow them out a sticky situation.

I’ve been running these muddies on my Ute for several months, and they’re a very capable mud terrain tyre. You compromise on the brand name and street appeal, but you’ll save some bucks in the process.

If you want a really good mud terrain tyre but aren’t bothered and don’t want to pay the premium of BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3s, then check out the price of these Yoko’s:

Best for Comfort: Toyo Open Country MT

Best for Comfort Toyo Open Country MT Mud Terrain
Best for Comfort: Toyo Open Country MT

Toyo, another Japanese brand, make some excellent tyres. Not only are they excellent, but they’re also affordable.

The Toyo Open Country MT will be a good choice for you if you spend most of the time on the road, but still want a capable weekend warrior. Open Country MTs aren’t as serious as the other brands above, but you’ll be thankful for having a car which still performs politely and relatively quietly on the road.

It’s not as if you’ll be compromising that much either. The thick sidewalls on these Toyo’s are super tough and sturdy, even at low pressure.

You may be surprised to learn Toyo tyres have the most loyal consumers, with around 90% saying they would buy the same brand again. It’s possible these tyres will clock over 100,000km on Aussie roads, so factor that in when you’re considering how reasonably they’re priced.

Best Budget MT: Lanvigator Catchfors MT

Best Budget Mud Terrain - Lanvigator Catchfors MT
Best Budget Mudies: Lanvigator Catchfors MT

When your mates ask you what tyres you have, and you say “Lanvigator’s”, you’ll probably get some blank looks.

You’ll also have a fatter wallet, because the Lanvigator Catchfors MT are much cheaper than all other muddies above. They’re made in China, a country known more for cheap exports than quality exports, but don’t worry too much – the Catchfor MTs come with stacks of positive reviews from budget-mongers like yourself.

The Lanvigators aren’t the quietest by some margin, and they cope with dry mud better than wet mud, but it has to be said they’re priced brilliantly.

If you don’t want a set of tyres which cost more than your car, yet let you have fun in the mud without too much stress, then check out the Lanvigator Catchfors MT.

A great muddy on a budget.

Wet mud performance vs dry mud performance

You may wonder why some MT tyres are better in wet mud and others in dry mud. Not all muddies are designed for the same purpose – other than mud, right?

Wet performance MT dispersing wet mud
Wet performance MT dispersing wet mud

There are design considerations which affect how the muddies perform in various situations, including tarmac.

Generally speaking, a wet performance mud terrain tyre will be tougher and able to disperse mud more easily. In wet mud, these tyres will effectively channel water and mud away from the tread, therefore maintaining better grip.

Dry performance mud terrain tyres (and all terrain ATs) compromise some of the wet grip for better all-round use. This includes better driving on-road, and usually less road noise. Some dry performance mud terrains will perform better in dry mud than those designed for wet mud.

It’s rare for a mud terrain tyre which trumps all aspect of mud use, but premium tyres like BFGoodrich and General Tire do a far better job in all situations, even offering you a pleasurable drive along the freeway home.

If you’re still uncertain whether you want a muddy for wet performance or dry performance, here are some thought provoking pros and cons of both:

Wet performance MT pros and cons

Best in traction – Wet muddies typically have the deepest tread patterns with large, widely spread lugs.Noise – The price paid for traction is noise, which is why the most serious muddies are loud on the road.
Self-cleaning – To hell with being polite, mud terrains designed for serious wet mud will eject more mud and debris as the tyre rotates. Being able to disperse mud faster makes the tyre more able to retain grip in slippery conditions.Worse fuel efficiency – Heavy construction and heavy rotational mass equal poor fuel economy, but it’s not as if you’re buying muddies to save fuel on your daily commute.
Durability – Wet performance muddies are the most rugged designs, with deeper tread and tougher sidewalls. This makes them more resistant to damage off-road, and less chance of inconvenient punctures.Poor on-road performance – The tread and construction of serious mud terrain tyres has clear compromises on-road. It’s not only noise, but less traction on tarmac, reduced handling, and reduced braking efficiency.
Stability – The aggressive tread pattern and sidewall of wet performance muddies will give you better stability and control in slippery conditions.
Pros and cons of wet performance mud terrain tyres

Dry performance MT pros and cons

Versatility – Compromising on wet mud ability gives you a tyre more suitable on road. Most dry performance muddies will give you a capable all-rounder, which for most Australians is the best of both worlds. A muddy will always be noisier and more abusive than an All Terrain or road tyre, but it’s a sacrifice most 4X4 folk are happy to make.Good, but not as good in the mud – In extremely wet and muddy conditions these tyres won’t perform as effectively.
Handling – With smaller tread blocks and a less aggressive design, these mud terrains will offer you better handling and stability on tarmac.Limited self-cleaning – A dry performance muddy should still offer you the ability to disperse mud better than an all terrain, just not as much as a wet performance muddy.
Noise – Generally you can’t avoid noise on mud terrain tyres, but a dry performance muddy will be less noisy on tarmac.Not as durable off road – Compared to more sturdy wet performance muddies you will have a higher risk of damage or punctures, but still much better in general than all terrains or regular tyres.
Improved fuel efficiency – Again, compromising deep treads and an aggressive design will offer you more better fuel economy on road.
Pros and cons of wet performance mud terrain tyres

Are narrow or wide tyres better in mud?

There’s a belief that narrow tyres can perform better in the mud, but this is incorrect.

Simply put, traction is all about surface area, and that means the larger the surface the better the traction. That means the seemingly ridiculous size of muddies you see on Australian 4X4s is all for purpose, not *just* to show off.

There are other factors of consideration, such as the ability of a mud terrain tyre to withstand pressure at low psi, and tread design to effectively disperse mud, but larger surface area is the reason muddies look so much more aggressive than all terrains.

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