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Nissan 370Z Buyer’s Guide for Australia

Nissan 370Z Buyers Guide + Nizmo

If you’re in the market for a sporty and performance-oriented coupe, the Nissan 370Z is undoubtedly a contender worth considering.

In this buyer’s guide we’ll cover the key aspects of the 370Z and also the Nismo variant, helping you make an informed decision about the car you already know you want to buy.

First Q: Nissan 370Z vs. Nismo?

So, you’re after performance, huh?

The regular 370Z is like a shot of adrenaline, but the Nismo version, well, that’s like a double espresso with an extra shot. Enhanced suspension, brakes, and aerodynamics mean this beast is ready to unleash on the tarmac, and you’ll be one lucky Aussie if you get your driving shoes in one.

The Nismo exhaust differs from stock, being a true dual exhaust system (the standard 370Z exhaust joins after the cat and splits again into two resonators). This gives the Nizmo a nifty HP boost and more aggressive engine tune.

But that’s not all. The Nismo also boosts the following:

  • Rays Engineering wheels (fab JDM wheels)
  • Aero Body Kit (allegedly 150lbs of downforce at 70mph, depending of course on wind conditions and direction of travel)
  • The revered Nismo wing.
  • Front and rear strut bars (to stiffen up the ride in corners) plus other brackets under body.
  • NISMO sway bars.
  • Carbon Fibre driveshaft (lighter = better acceleration).
  • Uprated suspension (1″ lower than standard 370Z suspension).
  • Interior weight reduction.
  • Nismo seats.
  • Nismo floor mats.
  • Nismo engine cover.
  • Plus the uprated exhaust and engine tune.

However, the Nismo is really just a 370Z with a bit of extra spice – the kind that’ll have you grinning like a Cheshire cat – but in many respects, so will a standard 370Z.

The real performance gains on the Nismo are the exhaust and tune, although the struts and suspension definitely aid cornering and fun factor. But these are simple mods you can do to a standard 370Z, with the end result being more of a sleeper 370Z yet just as quick (if not quicker).

370Z Reliability: Tougher Than a Roo in a Bar Brawl

When we fork out a lot of cash on any car we care about reliability.

If you’re worried about your Nissan 370Z falling apart faster than a poorly made sausage sizzle then fear not. Being a Jap car, and a Nissan, means the 370Z has a reputation for being as sturdy as a kangaroo’s kick.

Make sure the previous owner has looked after the car and maintained the service schedule, and make sure you do. With those boxes ticked this baby should treat you well.

Speak to any Nissan 370Z owner and they’ll swear by the reliability. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a car that won’t let you down when you’re in the middle of nowhere, hooning around the countryside?

Seating: Two’s Company, Back Seats are for the Faint-hearted

Alright, here’s the deal: this ain’t your family wagon.

You may not have a kid now, or you may not have a girlfriend, but buying a Nissan 370Z will mean a girlfriend will follow, and girlfriends are always thinking about kids.

The 370Z is all about you and your co-pilot, so no back seat. Forget about bringing your work mates along; the focus here is on the joy of driving, not playing taxi driver.

370Z Performance: Unleash the Thunder Down Under!

No turbo, I hear you grumble?

Nah, mate.

This bad boy is naturally aspirated, delivering power in a way which will put a smile on your face.

But hey, if you’ve got the need for more ponies under the hood, there are ways to turbocharge it. Thankfully it’s easy to turbocharge your 370Z, and huge amounts of help and information on the Interweb. The reason – lots of people worldwide absolutely love their turbocharged 370Zs.

Just be ready to trade your wallet for that extra rush of power.

Or your girlfriend’s Prada handbag.

Speed and Horsepower

This machine ain’t just for show.

The 370Z has the grunt to match its aggressive looks. From 0-60, it’s quick enough to make your morning commute feel like a hot lap, and you’ll wake up early in the morning eager for it.

And if you’re eyeing the Nismo version, well, that’s like strapping a rocket to a cheetah. Hold on tight! Grrrr.

Drifting: Because Who Drives Straight Anyway?

You’ve got dreams of sideways action?

The 370Z is your ticket to the drift kingdom, and any red-blooded guy in Japan will tell you so.

Rear-wheel-drive, balanced chassis, and a willingness to dance – this car was literally made for the art of controlled slides. Just be sure to find a nice empty parking lot owned by your Uncle Jim, away from those pesky law enforcers, or better yet – our advice – is a track to let loose.

After all, we can’t advice you to scuff up your neighborhood.

Keep in mind some of your girlfriend’s gold and diamond jewelry can be pawned to fund fresh tyres.

Additional Tips for 370Z Buyers: Getting Your Money’s Worth

So, you’ve read the above and you’re convinced a Nissan 370Z is defo the car for you?

Here’s some tips for when you view your prospective new love-machine on wheels:

Buying Considerations

Watch out for the usual suspects – clutch, brakes, and suspension bits. This ain’t a granny car, so some wear is expected.

Lucky for you, the aftermarket scene is as lively as a Saturday night in Sydney, so parts and advice are easy to come by.

Ownership Costs

Sure, it’s a performance car, but don’t forget to factor in the costs.

Maintenance, insurance, and fuel – it all adds up. My advice is not to think about this stuff pre-purchase, as you don’t want it to put you off buying one of these awesome JDM bullet trains.

If you’re planning on giving it a facelift with mods, be ready to pay the piper. It’s all part of the game, mate, but it’s exciting, and it’s worth it.

Community and Resources

Join the tribe.

Car clubs, online forums, Facebook groups – these are the places you’ll find your new mates.

Swap stories, get tips, and find out what the best mods are. It’s like having your own pit crew, but without the overalls. Joining these communities is your best way to get the most out of your Nissan 370Z – trust me.

So, there you have it, a dive into the world of the Nissan 370Z, where power meets excitement, and every drive feels like a scene from an action movie.

Buckle up, hit the gas, and let the Aussie roads be your playground.


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