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How to change a tyre without a jack

You’re not in an ideal situation if you have to replace or repair a car tyre without a jack, and given safety concerns it is recommended you call for assistance.

However, if you’re stuck out bush, off-road, or have no other options, below you’ll find possible ways to get your car off the ground to repair or replace your tyre:

Hack #1: Re-inflate the tyre

If you have an air compressor (even a manual foot pump) your safest option is to re-inflate the tyre and drive slowly to a place where you can call for assistance or seek help. The type of puncture will affect how successful this is, and if you have a way of locating and plugging the puncture then this can be used to get you to safety.

Monitor the tyre pressure regularly and re-inflate if necessary. The more you drive on a deflated tyre the more damage you will do to it’s structural integrity.

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Hack #2: Use the terrain or kerb

If you’re on soft ground your easiest option is to support the jack point or suitable location underneath the car with a concrete block, sturdy rock, or anything you can find in the environment which will adequately support the corner weight of your car. Be vary careful with what you use.

Dig away the soft ground under the punctured tyre until you have enough clearance to remove it.

In an urban area you may be able to achieve the same result using a kerb or elevation, or maneuver your car so the punctured tyre is over mud or grass.

Depending on your vehicle, and as a last resort, part deflating the tyre on the opposite corner diagonally may give you a little more clearance. For example, if your front left tyre is punctured, you can part deflate the rear right tyre. You would need an air compressor or foot pump to re-inflate the tyre.

Hack #3: Use leverage

It may be a hard ask, but if you can locate a long wooden post or straight and sturdy tree limb, you may be able to use this to lift the corner of your car. The longer it is, the better leverage you should have.

Note: This will be a two man job minimum, with safety concerns which you should strongly consider.

One of you will need to lift the car using the lever. You may need to use a fulcrum to get better leverage – a fulcrum is the pivot point, such as on a see saw, which helps lift the heavy object (car) on the other end of the lever. A suitable rock or possibly your spare tyre (last resort) can be used as a fulcrum.

If you can momentarily lift or bounce the car, the other person can slide a suitable object under the jack point to lift the car. Once propped and secure with enough clearance, you will be able to remove and repair/replace the tyre or wheel.

Hack #4: Rocking technique

You may have realised the further you get down this list the less chance of success.

However, if you’re stuck in a situation where you have no other means of leverage, it may be possible to rock the car off the ground. You will need a great deal of man power, more so with a heavy vehicle.

The rocking technique requires you to turn the steering wheel fully in the direction of the flat tyre. You (and your mates) will need to push and pull the car sideways to lift the flat tyre off the ground.

Whatever method you choose, safety should be your top priority. None of the methods listed above should be considered safe, and should only be attempted as a last resort or matter of emergency.

If you can call for assistance, call for assistance.

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