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What tyres are made in Japan?

What tyres are made in Japan?

If you drive a Japanese (JDM) car, like a Nissan Skyline, 370Z, or Subaru Impreza, then what better tyre to invest in than one made in Japan?

Even if you drive a regular old Honda Civic or Odyssey, which are still pretty badass, then you may want to know what tyres are made in Japan, where your car was designed and manufactured.

Thankfully there are some great Japanese tyres available at most Australian tyre retailers, so let’s take a look!

Why buy Japanese tyres?

People opt for Japanese tyres for the same reasons they buy Japanese cars.

When it comes to cars, Japanese are known for cutting-edge engineering, state of the art designs, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Most of all, most Australians appreciate the sheer reliably when it comes to Japanese cars and car products. Don’t believe me? Take a drive out to your nearest outback town and count how many old Toyota Land Cruisers you see. If that isn’t testament to Japanese reliability then I don’t know what it.

In Australia we have many brands of tyre on offer, from Chinese to American brands, but what tyres are made in Japan?

Let’s take a look!

Japanese tyre brands in Australia


Most people don’t realise Bridgestone are a Japanese tyre manufacturer, but they are, and they’re know for premium quality.

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is one of the best selling sports tyres worldwide, and therefore the most common in Australia. They’re a great option if you want to pretend your daily commute is like a lap around Mount Panorama, although if you’re in the JDM scene you’ll likely opt for the next Japanese tyre brand.


You have to admit Yokohama sounds much more like a Japanese tyre brand than Bridgestone, but it’s the reputation of these tyres which make them the go to choice for JDM enthusiasts worldwide.

For your regular runabout you may opt for Yokohama BluEarth, or Geolander for your 4X4, but for your JDM ride you’ll be looking at Advan Sport as a really good choice for performance bang for buck.

When you buy Yokohama tyres, or Bridgestone for that matter, you’re pretty much assured of Japanese reliability and usability.


Toyo should never be overlooked as a Japanese brand of tyre, and you can get great deals on the brand throughout Australia (make sure you check out Tyroola who are a great source of tyres, delivered and fitted locally to you).

For hardcore JDM cars take a look at the awesome Toyo Proxes R888 R tyres. Semi slick and take corners like nobodies business.

If you want something which lasts a little longer, more regular tyres in the Proxes range are very good and much cheaper than R888s. Or if you want to kit out your Japanese 4X4 or Honda Odyssey, then there are plenty of options in the Toyo range to choose from.


It has to be said Falken tyres aren’t the most sort of Japanese brand of tyre, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth mentioning.

Brands like Bridgestone and Yokohama are fantastic tyres but will often cost you a premium. Just because Falken don’t have the same status as Gucci or Prada tyres, they can still be a very good Japanese tyre if you have a tighter budget (or handbag loving girlfriend).

Where to buy Japanese tyres in Australia

Japanese tyres are sold worldwide, and all the brands above have a glowing reputation.

In Australia, that means you’ll find Japanese tyres everywhere – your local retailers like Bob Jane T Mart, K Mart, or Tyrepower, or your online retailers like Tyroola.

What we do recommend, however, is reading our guide on finding the best deal on tyres based on what you really need, not what you’re told you need. So if you have the time, read how we saved $352 on a set of tyres for a regular Honda runabout.

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